May 2018 Forecast: Shifting into high voltage yin energy!

Big Picture

Two big shifts get under way this month:

First, innovative Uranus (think: fiery inspiration linked with future-beckoning ideas) moves into the abundant, fertile, fixed and earthy sign of Taurus.

Uranus spends about seven years moving through a sign, disrupting established patterns in order to open the way to more freedom and innovation. Wherever you have Taurus in your chart (or any planets in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), stay open to new ways of perceiving patterns.  Uranus’s gift is to help us intuit larger patterns that change our relationship to the here and now.

Some astrologers think that airy, idea-driven Uranus is a weird fit for earthy, sensual Taurus—but they have a deep connection through Venus, Uranus’ daughter and the goddess of Taurus. Our ideas manifest through our relationships and how we manage our resources, so this period will bring creative shakeups in both.

This shift is exciting but not necessarily smooth. Uranus can get too heady and disassociated from our feeling senses (ideas about revolution are inspiring, but revolutions are messy). And earthy, sensual Taurus –while celebrating the aliveness in nature—also cherishes stability. My sense is that 2018-2025 will see a disruptive and significant shift from the materialist paradigm that has dominated Western science since the Enlightenment towards the ‘consciousness is fundamental to reality’ and “oh yes, nature is alive, creative, and intelligent” paradigms that has been creeping around the edges of physics and medicine. And that will delight many and outrage others, and change our ways of relating to nature.

Which brings us to the second major shift this month: with Uranus in Taurus, all outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) will be travelling through yin signs until November (when Jupiter moves into Sag). Time for us to feel deeply and abundantly and use our yin feelings and sensations to grow wiser in our connections. Can we use our emotions and senses to enrich our understanding without dumping our negative feelings all over the neighborhood? The marathon starts this month!

Takeaways for May

The first half of the month is time to finish the tasks on your plate. Starting with the new Moon in Taurus, it’s a great time to go public with new ventures and take risks for innovative goals. Creative adaptation and innovation, not resistance, are the go-to modes for dancing with Uranus.

Because of all the yin energy (which can feel overwhelming in terms of emotional energies and sensations), be sure to check in frequently and clarify your intentions: are they in line with your energy? You may need more rest during this period, or you may get supercharged. Either way, allow for some crash time with no judgment.

May Highlights

May 8: Expansive time, very useful for clarifying and intensifying ambition and goals. [Sun opposite Jupiter.]

May 12: Good day for creative thinking, business ideas, and communication. Pay attention to unexpected insights, hunches, and invite them to show up. [Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries.]

May 15: Enjoy the luscious new moon and celebrate abundance. [New Moon in Taurus.]

May 16-17: Uranus’ move into Taurus begins with on a supercharged note, with Mars also in play. Use the energy skillfully it to advance your goals. You may suddenly see a different path or understand your goals in a different light. Some people may feel reckless under this energy, so keep a friendly eye on the road and drive safely. [Uranus enters sign of Taurus; Mars enters Aquarius and squares Uranus.]

May 18: Excellent for mental discipline, focus, and clarity. [Mercury trine Saturn.]

May 21: Sun enters Gemini

May 23: Positive expression: expansive, energetic communications and ideas. But don’t use that as an excuse to say everything you think and expect it all to be understood by others. [Mercury opposite Jupiter; Sun trines Mars.]

May 29:  Time to enjoy adventure and ideas with this fun full moon. [Full Moon at 8 degrees Sagittarius.] 

May 31: Time to bathe in the spirits via the beach, meditation, tree bathing, or whatever blisses you out. [Venus/Jupiter/Neptune grand trine in water.]

Sheila Roher