April 2018 Forecast: Channel your inner Lady Gaga, Jack Benny, & Thomas Edison!

Big Picture

With Mars in Capricorn as the major player initiating action this month, let’s learn from this wonderfully diverse trio who share Mars in Capricorn in their natal charts. Each (in their own unique style) exemplify risk taking and hard work in pursuit of authentic interests and passions, and that’s the theme for April.

Mars in Capricorn, used well, is skillful and bold craftmaking on projects that genuinely advance one’s purpose. But it may not be to society’s liking. Astrologer Lynn Bell called Mars a “breaker of walls”. Even in the conservative sign of Capricorn, Mars wants to adventure and go on quests—not quixotically, but to change the structures of society. So its up to you to make sure you’re actually focusing on efforts that are truly meaningful to you. Why waste that effort refighting an old or misbegotten war?

Takeaways for April

 Mars, April’s activities Director, is very active, making significant contacts with Saturn, Mercury, Moon, Venus, and finally Pluto.  Plus, both the full and new moons occur in Mars’ home territories of Aries and Scorpio, adding more fire to the theme of assertive change. Focused action, over and over is the key.. Thanks to Venus in Taurus, we’re talking about working really hard but not martyrdom; there’s music and something delicious in the background.

Mercury is still ‘retrograde’ in the first half of the month, so you may be restructuring your goals (and assessing whether your projects are really in line with your ambitions and purpose) during this period.  Halfway through April, a disruptive and innovative new Moon in Aries invites us to make a bold course correction and/or new initiative that will take several months to work into form. Go for it!

Jupiter will be brightly visible (weather depending) when close to the Moon at the end of April, a welcome reminder of how bright dreams illuminate our inner sky.

April Highlights

·      April 1-7: Don’t worry; the challenges aren’t subtle this week. When Mars and Saturn meet, your fears and reactive behaviors come right to the surface! Notice but don’t indulge any tendency to complain; instead, use your energy for productive activity that serves your larger goals. [Saturn trine Venus; Mars conjunct Saturn; April 4: Mercury Rx square Mars and Saturn.]

·      April 8: Best time to freak out this month? Today between 9:30 AM—11:30 AM (Eastern time). If you’re on overload, this is the time to do your “I don’t care if Job went along with it, I’ve had it!” scene.  Catharsis is not only good drama but also often healing. [Moon conjunct Pluto and sextile Jupiter.]

·      April 10: Obstacles are inherent in any Mars quest (ever read a quest story that lacked significant detours, blockages, and challenges?). Today the shadow side shows up as obstacles, as we inquire: is this a friend or foe or a transfoefriend experience? [Sun square Pluto; Venus trine Mars.]

·      April 15: Today’s double whammy (a dramatic new moon plus Mercury going direct) is an excellent time to ramp up or initiate a course correction on a major project now.  Anyone with planets near 4 or 26 degrees in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) will feel the shift in energy and invitation to change. [New Moon in Aries at 26° Aries conjunct Uranus; Mercury goes direct at 4° Aries.]

·      April 16: Best day this month to have a fabulously indulgent, decadent, bacchanalian time. [Venus in Taurus opposite Scorpio.]

·      April 19: Sun enters Taurus.

·      April 25-28: Used well, this intense period really uncovers new depths and advances your ability to work with change. If you find yourself feeling enraged and/or compulsive, try channeling the explosive energy into decluttering, exercising, binge watching about near death experiences, or any other useful vehicle. Be extra aware in your communications [PAUSE and RECONSIDER before hitting the ‘send’ button on important communications!]. What really needs to change is trying to come to the surface. [Mars sextile Pluto and conjoins Pluto; Saturn square Mercury.]

·      April 24: Venus enters sign of Gemini.

·      April 29: This full Moon in Scorpio has a restraining Saturn subtone to it. Great evening to take stock and enjoy watching Jupiter’s bright beams near the Moon. [Full Moon at 9 degrees of Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn at 8:54 pm Eastern time.]


Sheila Roher