December, 2017 Forecast: Junk the false perkiness—Saturn Claus is coming to town!

With Mercury in retrograde and Saturn entering his home turf of Capricorn, this month is the perfect time to welcome the gifts of limitations, obstacles, obscurity, and loss. In other words, it’s time for a true solstice celebration.

The winter solstice is surely Saturn’s child, marking the longest period of darkness of earth and celebrating the incremental increases in light to follow. Saturn often works by challenging us to turn lead into gold, hence the hidden gifts in obstacles, delays, and losses.

In a world where our communications are increasingly virtual and disembodied, Saturn reminds us of the vital necessity of structures, limits, borders, and form. In a world where happiness is often the focus of our desires and practices, we may forget that grief is also a powerful portal to appreciation and reverence. Saturn reminds us, and  this month is our time to review, reflect, and recognize our losses as well as our joys. Saturn and Mercury Retrograde make this a more serious and reflective month than retailers might wish, but it’s what the anima mundi (the soul of the world) seems to be calling us towards.


Take away points for December

·      For the first week, Mercury retrograde in combination with Saturn doubles down on the "Have you really done your homework? Let’s check it again” vibe. Use this to your advantage, asking in the face of any delay or obstacle, “Do I really want/need this? If so, does this need to happen now?”

·      The mood grows more serious in the last third of the month. Experiment with ways to make practical work (cleaning leaves out of gutters, decluttering one drawer) your spiritual practice this month, in honor of Saturn’s gifts. Tend to the structures of your life; slow down, appreciate, repair, revise, and restabiliize.

December Highlights

Dec. 2: The ‘background vibe in relationships this month is about expanding possibilities. When you meet someone who seems very different (Sagittarius ‘rules’ the foreign and far-off), move in for a conversation. [Venus in Sagittarius for most of December.]

Dec. 3:  Mercury stations and begins ‘retrograde’ period in a very serious mood. In addition to the ‘do overs ‘ and possible delays, this reflective look back in Sagittarian territory asks, “What is the larger meaning that continues to inspires me?” And equally important, “what can I now toss into the compost with appreciation?” [Mercury Retrograde Dec. 3-23. Mercury conjunct Saturn Dec. 1-8.]

Dec. 3: Full moon in Gemini. [Moon at 11° Gemini opposite Sun, square Neptune in Pisces and inconjunct Jupiter, all at 11°; Mercury-Saturn conjunction]

Dec. 5-6:  Excellent time for concentrated critical thinking and careful execution of plans. Tax preparation or home decluttering, anyone?  [Mercury conjunct Saturn.]

Dec. 9: Jump on the exercise bike now! This is a powerful time for regeneration, with unexpected reserves of energy and ambition to work towards your goals. Mars in Scorpio is a great time to make changes in health habits and financial management, but be watchful of any Scorpionic overreach,  [Mars enters sign of Scorpio and remains through January 26, 2018.]

Dec. 18: Thanks to Saturn’s strong influence, this new Moon in Sagittarius (usually a boisterous, fun-loving Moon) is tempered by awareness that compassion and patience are needed to support good intentions. [New Moon at 26° Sagittarius, conjunct the Sun and Saturn, squaring Chiron in Pisces and trining Uranus in Aries; Mercury-Saturn conjunction; 12:48 AM in Winston-Salem.]

Dec. 20: Saturn enters Capricorn.

Dec. 21: Sun enters Capricorn.  

Dec. 22: Mercury goes direct.

Dec. 25: A serious Christmas, calling for us to cherish relationships that are grounded in honesty, and using any disappointment and pain to open our hearts. [Venus enters Capricorn and conjoins Saturn; Moon conjunct Chiron.]

Sheila Roher