Big Picture: Image for November “An engineer walks into a bar and orders a green smoothie with a side of ayauawasca

For almost all of November, Saturn (our engine of structure and stability) enjoys a drink at the bar with Uranus (harbinger of unexpected disruptions, innovation, and inspiration).   Small changes in daily habits invite large changes in life flow.

In ancient mythology, Uranus and Saturn were enemies, and of course father-son. (For the Greeks, all tragedies begin as family affairs).  Usually, structured and boundary-loving Saturn moves to contain fires of inspiration while innovative and unpredictable Uranus torches old structures in order to liberate larger visions. A creative dynamic, to be sure, but not necessarily comfortable. Now they work together, auguring opportunities for creative innovations as we  remodel the structures in our lives.

Use this time to clarify

·      What can you let go of?

·      Where might you need to ask for unexpected help?

·      What small changes can you make that honor  your need for structure and your urge for creative uniqueness?

Take away points for November

·      This is the last Saturn/Uranus trine in fire for many years, so take advantage of this opportunity to manage creative change. When building new structures (whether internal or external), small acts and consistent efforts (not perfection) count for much.

·      Relationships enter the Alice-in-Wonderland realm of ‘six impossible things before breakfast’ this month with Mars in Libra (Venus’ home turf) and Venus in Scorpio (Mars’ home turf).Go ‘non-binary’ and play with different ways of connecting in relationships of all kinds. Paying close attention to the change in seasons and light shifts while noting your own internal swings will help you feel connected to the universe rather than ‘out of sorts.’

November Highlights

Nov. 4: Full moon in Taurus [Full Moon in Taurus; Venus opposite Uranus.]

Nov. 6: Mercury entering the sign of Sagittarius (the realm of expansive ideas and meaning) helps us to open up to new ideas. But Mercury in Sag can also go up in hot air, with big talk and no action. Be sure to make small changes to bring those large ideas into being. [Mercury in Sagittarius]

Nov. 2-24: Our ‘engineer adds ayauwasca to the diet” period. [Saturn trine Uranus.]

Nov. 13: Set your alarm clocks and (if the skies are clear) gaze upon the bright Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Scorpio. This conjunction is exact from 3:06- 3:24 AM in Winston-Salem, NC. Make a wish for greater harmony and beauty in some area of your life where you are seeking transformation. Jupiter/Venus conjunctions usually signify enjoyable expansions (sometimes into excess). But in Scorpio, one dives deep into realms where we need to grow. Often this means surrendering on a deep level, a death/rebirth that opens one to a larger view. Go for it. [Venus conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio.]

Nov. 18: This is an assertive new moon, seeking intense engagement. Great time to start a project (or a new phase of an ongoing project) that requires deep tenacity and profound shifts. [New Moon in Scorpio; Mars squares Pluto.]

Nov. 22: Sun enters Sagittarius, joining Mercury and Saturn. [Sun enters Sagittarius.]

 Nov. 27-28: At the end of a month rich in change, its’ time for a mental inventory of where we are. Cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien offered a practice of journaling nightly the answers to three questions: “What surprised me today? What moved me? What inspired me?”  If you feel burnt out, this is the practice for you. [Mercury conjuncts Saturn; Moon conjunct Chiron.]


Sheila Roher