February 2018: After a sober start, an energetic quest for adventure and meaning!

“Saturn’s in Capricorn and will be there through 2020!” I said excitedly to a friend.  Unimpressed, she said, “So far, it feels very sober and no touchy-feely to soften the blows.”  True. Saturn in Capricorn is a sobering time, which we need in order to rebuild and restructure significant areas of our lives.

The good news?  February (and the first half of March) is our ‘Jupiter time’, time for creative brainstorming and dreaming and engaging with challenging, even disruptive ideas. Use this time well, and you can productively turn your insights and adventurous ideas into solid structures over the next three years. 

Most importantly, ask ‘why’. With Mars in Sagittarius for six weeks, it’s time to be a warrior in search of meaning. Carl Jung (a Mars in Sagittarius guy who kept testing idea after idea in search of meaning) said ““who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” So dive deep, because if you know the ‘why’ that is important to you (and not just everyone else), you’ll be willing and able to endure Saturn’s tests of commitment and focus over the next three years.

 [A side note: Mars and Saturn are two of the most misunderstood planets; I’m offering workshops on both; for more information, check out the workshops at https://www.astrologyforgrowth.com/index#classes.]

Takeaway points for February

·      Expect the month to start out soberly and get increasingly emotional and intuitive. As Venus, Mercury, and the Sun move into Pisces, the vibe gets much more emotional, creative, and intuitive, so be sure to keep Mars (and the quest for meaning) as your lodestar. If the month is turning into a soap opera, you may have lost sight of the larger meaning. (Pass this message along to the US Congress!)

·      If you want a really romantic Valentine’s Day, skip the 14th and celebrate instead on Feb. 20, 21, or 22 (or all three!).

·      The partial solar eclipse on Feb. 15th is a turning point in the month’s cycle, as well as a powerful trigger in itself. This eclipse point is almost directly opposite the solar eclipse point of last August, 2017; issues raised in the period around that eclipse are likely to surface strongly again, letting you know how well or badly you’re dealing with them. (Hint: The solar eclipse is right on the USA Moon and opposite President Trump’s Mars. Expect something to come to a boiling point.)

February highlights

1.31             When Mercury moves into Aquarius, the mental and imaginative energy tends to be innovative, far seeing, and interested in the larger potential picture. Excellent for brainstorming, especially with others.  Potential downside? Getting too fixed in our opinions. If you feel ‘absolutely sure’, look around for the inevitable shades of gray and reach for some flexibility. [Mercury in Aquarius 1.31-2.17.0.]

2.10             Venus moves first into Pisces, and the social ‘vibe’ becomes more emotional, sensitive, and artistic. [Venus in Pisces, 2.10-3.4]

2.15             Solar Eclipse!  This new moon on steroids is an excellent  opportunity to let go of something you’ve been holding onto. [Solar eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius.]

2.18         With more planets in Pisces, the vibe gets increasingly sensitive, creative, and emotional. This inspires  the potential to birth a larger vision linked with compassion and surrender. But the downside is that we can start whining and getting attached to a ‘victim’ narrative. If you’re feeling in pain over something, feel it without identifying your entire being with it. [Mercury and the Sun enters Pisces.]

2.20-2.22    Make this your Valentine’s Day! With Venus conjunct Neptune in                            Pisces and the Moon in Taurus, it’s a great time to enjoy romance, art, and sensuality! [Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces, Moon in Taurus.]

Sheila Roher