August 2017 Forecast

Big Picture for August: Staying steady in the wild winds of August

With two martial eclipses and Mercury retrograde (not to mention Uranus and Saturn changing directions!), this is the month for the wisdom of “don’t just do something, stand there.”

 More about eclipses in an upcoming blog post, but for now, consider eclipses as ‘re-set’ triggers that energetically heighten and shift (but not necessarily clarify) issues.

Our August lunar and solar eclipses will highlight the issue of self and others (the Leo/Aquarius axis). With powerhouse Mars in Leo prominent in both lunations, the eclipses will help to answer this burning question: are we asserting ourselves in the fashion of hormonal teenagers with their first set of car keys or as skilled warriors in service to noble goals?[1]

 And speaking of burning, the solar eclipse marks the final hurrah of the 2017 fire sign conflagration. The eclipse has five planets in fire signs (Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus) so there’ll be plenty of inspiration and lots of energy to “move forward!!” But to where and for what longer-term purpose?

Hence, the advice to closely observe our impulses before taking action.

 August Highlights

The first week is an energetic build-up to the lunar eclipse on Aug. 7th.  When Mercury goes retrograde on Aug. 13th, use the opportunity to be more reflective than reactive. The eclipse energies are powerful and will play out over a six-month period (with resonances especially strong in September)

The last week will probably feel like a relief after the fiery eclipse energy; we can gain more clarity and either move purposefully or patiently observe as the Sun moves into Virgo, and Jupiter (ideals and aspirations) and Saturn (responsibility and structure) work well together.

Aug 1: Traditional wisdom says that activities born under void of course moons just peter out and have no force. The upside? Today’s Sagittarius moon is the perfect time to reflect on your goals and what you’re really committed to bringing into form. It may be fidelity to your word (are you doing the trivial things you promised to others?) or clarifying your true intent (how much of what you initially said “yes” to is really in line with your true needs and wishes?) Whatever it is, clarity and self-honesty are your guides to making the most of this month. [Void of Course Sag Moon from 9 am to almost 9 pm Eastern time.]

Aug 3-4: Uranus’ urge for radical change (which can feel like a fiery and idealistic vision or a curiously contentless rant for “ me! Me! ME! change) has been strong all year. But the quality changes as we start to feel the implications of our desire for radical change. Whatever ideals you have been seeking to embody (Jupiter in Libra), there is a deeper structural renovation necessary to bring that into being (Pluto in Capricorn). Work with your ideals in mind, recognizing that unexpected necessary changes are part of the journey. Some dreams were only important to get you to this place. (Note: this is the third phase of a process that began in November 2016; Aug. 3-4 is the exact aspect but the influence is part of longer-term processes.) (Uranus goes retrograde for the rest of 2017; Jupiter square Pluto.)

Aug 7: This Aquarian full moon is a fiery lunar eclipse that speaks to unexpected shifts in relationships. Turn down the volume and look closely; patience and a willingness not to rush to judgment is the key to getting the most out of it. What seems like non-negotiable demands may actually have some escape hatches. [Full moon lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius, partnering with Mars and involving Saturn and Uranus. 2:11 PM Eastern time.]

Aug. 13-Sept. 5:  The much-maligned Mercury retrograde is actually a wonderful time for reflection, renewal, rewriting, reconsidering, repairing, and renovation (especially from Aug. 12- 26 while Mercury is in Virgo). This is an excellent time to become aware of and change habitual thought and speech patterns into new patterns that align with your values and goals. On a practical level, take extra care and load up on patience with any technology projects or purchases (or postpone until later).  As always, double-check any contracts and closely examine any repair work. (Mercury retrogrades at 11 degrees Virgo, returning to 28 degrees Leo, the solar eclipse point.)

Aug. 21:  This total solar eclipse is a supersized new Moon in Leo, with Mars, Saturn and Uranus guiding the way. New Moons can be felt but not seen, and eclipses amplify our temptation to project instead of observe. Trying humility with a Leo new moon may be a bridge too far, but worth a try!  So consider what kind of change you really want to birth.  You can’t control eclipse energy (something new and radical is seeking to be born and quite a lot is also passing out now), but you can bring your deep and heartfelt intention to the mix.

[Note: Australian astrologer Bernadette Brady strongly advises people to avoid anything that smacks of revenge under this eclipse because of the fixed star Regulus (which just happens to be prominent in Donald Trump’s chart). So watch the political theater to see who acts well under this influence.] Mars and Mercury will transit this eclipse point in September, so whatever you undertake now will amplify in September and influence the fall. (Solar eclipse at 28 degrees Leo, involving Mar, Saturn, Uranus, Chiron and Jupiter.2: 29 pm EDT)

Aug. 23: Sun enters Virgo, joining Mercury and the Moon in the sign dedicated to applying the gifts of discernment and analysis in order to make life healthy and whole. Virgo rules digestion, so take a break from consuming junk food of all kinds (including media) and digest something of value to honor this sign.

Aug. 25:  Saturn turns ‘direct’, and ends his “what else can we restructure over and over and over again” phase that’s been going on since April. Whatever area has under active renovation in your life for the past few months, it’s time move forward with a stronger structure and increased clarity. (Saturn stations direct at 21 degrees of Sagittarius.)

Aug. 27-31: Now is the time to make creative changes in relationships coming from the heart of the matter, rather than vanity or hurt ego. [Venus enters Leo on the 27tl, Saturn and Jupiter sextile from the 27-31]

[1] Where this plays out in your life will depend on where the Leo/Aquarius axis is in your chart.

Sheila Roher